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year: oct, 2011
role: department supervisor, crowds
duties: Oversaw operations of crowd department, both technical and creative. Personally authored crowds in 2 out of 5 sequences. Collaborated directly with Director, VFX Sup, and heads of departments.
direct manager: robert porter (director)
notes: my second outing as a crowd supervisor, Night of the Living Carrots was different in most ways from my prior experience on Shrek 4. although crowds plays a central role in the story of the film, being a short film, my team was one-eighth the size and my budget reflected that change. with only one other shot artist, nolc provided me with the opportunity to fill the shoes of a shot artist responsible for two fifths of the film. as Maya's rigid body dynamics were used for physical simulations in some shots, i had the opportunity to use software other than our proprietary crowd software.
Demo Reel - Night of the Living Carrots