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year: jun, 2008
role: lead technical director
duties: Assisted Supervising TD in overseeing the back-end (Surfacing, Lighting, FX, Crowds, Matte Painting) while performing duties of a TD in one or more depts. Interviewed, trained, mentored, provided council for TD team.
direct manager: greg wuller (supervising technical director)
notes: it was during kung fu panda that the studio realized that the more senior technical directors that shouldered more tasks than the average technical director deserved official recognition for those efforts. as a result, three technical directors across the studio were chosen to fill the new title of lead technical director, myself included. although i was officially promoted to lead td, i started the show assigned to a lighting team, and i finished the film still an active technical director on that team.

fulfilling the duties of a lighting technical director, i was the sole support for my team of lighters and the lighting supervisor, debugging things such as moiré buzzing on roof tiles, problems with the revision control system of our files, and the regioning and rendering of our crowds. meanwhile, i helped run meetings for the supervising td, specifically back-end meetings between the tds of surfacing, lighting, fx, crowds, and matte painting. I also attended meetings on behalf of the supervising td when he was unavailable, most notably the planned-maintenance meeting where i was called upon to approve or reject propsed technological maintenance tasks based on their impact to the show, both positive and negative.