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DEMO Reel Breakdown
As no footage from the Avatar sequels is yet public, the latest demo reel that I can offer is the above 2015 Demo Reel. Please see my 2013 Demo Reel, Night of the Living Carrots and Shrek 4 for additional demo reel material.
16 years experience on 18 feature films in management, technical direction, pipeline engineering, training, creative content authoring & supervision.
Weta Digital (5/2015 to present)
Lead Pipeline Developer, Production Engineering
Avatar 2
  • Overseeing the Weta team based in Los Angeles at Lightstorm Entertainment Inc.
  • Ensuring that Lightstorm's needs are met in terms of development items as they relate to stage tools, previsualization tools, and core tools, and in terms of support for LEI crew members.
  • Facilitating communication between Weta Digital and Lightstorm Entertainment, including development needs, shooting schedules, staffing needs, testing, policy changes, software deployment.
  • Personally authoring fixes and features to software, authoring new technologies, standards, practices, and documentation.
DreamWorks Animation (5/2012 to 1/2015)
Department Supervisor, Crowds
Me and My Shadow, Kung Fu Panda: Secrets of the Scrolls, Bollywood Superstar Monkey, B.O.O.
  • Overseeing operations of crowd department, both technical and creative.
  • Directing motion-capture shoots.
  • Personally authoring crowds.
  • Personally authoring new technologies, standards, practices, and documentation.
DreamWorks Animation (5/2011 to 5/2012)
Pipeline Engineer
Madagascar 3, Rise of the Guardians, The Croods
  • Authoring portions of proprietary next-generation software and data formats, specifically relating to crowds and lighting.
  • Collaborating with R&D and department heads in the design and implementation.
  • C++ and Python
DreamWorks Animation (08/2010 to 5/2011)
Department Supervisor, Crowds
Night of the Living Carrots
  • Oversaw operations of crowd department, both technical and creative.
  • Personally authored crowds in 2 out of 5 sequences.
  • Collaborated directly with Director, VFX Sup, and heads of departments.
DreamWorks Animation (10/2008 to 5/2010)
Department Supervisor, Crowds
Shrek 4
  • Oversaw operations of entire crowds dept. both artistically and technically.
  • Oversaw creative approvals, technical deliverables, interviews, performance evaluations.
  • Directly collaborated with VFX Sup and Director.
DreamWorks Animation (5/2010 to 8/2010)
Department Supervisor, Technical Direction
Stereo Conversion: Shrek, Shrek 2, and Shrek 3
  • Oversaw technical deliverables for small in-house team developing a stereo conversion pipeline for use with multiple outside vendors.
  • Collaborated with producer and vendors in a fast-paced environment to devise solutions to retrieval and preparation of archived footage, receipt and film-out of finished plates.
DreamWorks Animation (7/2006 to 10/2008)
Lead Technical Director
Kung Fu Panda, How to Train Your Dragon, Consumer Products
  • Assisted Supervising TD in overseeing the back-end (Surfacing, Lighting, FX, Crowds, Matte Painting) while performing duties of a TD in one or more depts.
  • Interviewed, trained, mentored, provided council for TD team.
PDI DreamWorks & DreamWorks Animation (2/2003 to 7/2006)
Technical Director
Shrek 2, Madagascar (Animation). Over the Hedge (Surfacing, FX). Bee Movie (Crowds). Flushed Away (Lighting).
  • Sole support for teams of artists and their supervisors in pipeline, software, and render issues in the creation of an animated feature film.
  • Authored scripts, defined artist workflows, identified and repaired technical problems.
PDI/DreamWorks (2/2002 to 2/2003)
Technical Assistant
Shrek 4D (Animation)
PDI/DreamWorks (7/2000 to 2/2002)
Render Assistant
Full-time duties: submit and monitor requests from artists in all departments, managing priorities, load balancing, repair and/or log errors, data conversion, farm machine and server monitoring, emergency contact.
  • 2016: Interviewed live by Cogswell College at SIGGRAPH2016 (Part One) (Part Two)
  • 2012: Designated as the 'Training and Education Pillar' of the multi-site studio-wide DreamWorks Animation Crowd Department.
  • 2012: Presented at SIGGRAPH representing DreamWorks Animation at the Cogswell College booth, speaking about feature film production at DWA.
  • 2010: Awarded 'Special Achievement: Training and Education' by Jeffrey Katzenberg for my work on the Crowd/Cycle Animation Training Curriculum.
  • 2008: Appeared in the 'Inspirations' column of 3D World Magazine #110.
  • 2008: Interviewed by 3D World Magazine at SIGGRAPH and appeard in #109.
  • 2008: Awarded 'Distinguished Alumnus' by Cogswell Polytechnical College
  • 2008: Co-hosted Cinemagic on nationally-broadcasted Sirius-XM Radio with Dave Z. listen to the broadcast
  • 2007: Appeared in Pirates of the Caribbean III as a pirate aboard the Black Pearl; worked alongside principal cast and live-action crowds.
  • 2006: Inducted into the DreamWorks Animation recruiting group for Technical Direction where I remained part of a small team responsible for screening, interviewing, and approving newhire candidates.
  • 2003: Awarded Grand Prize in the PDI/Dreamworks Office Decorating Contest for the construction of a pirate cave. Was awarded two round-trip tickets to anywhere in the continental U.S.
  • 2001: Co-recipient of an Academy Award©, Best Animated Picture, Shrek
  • Current member of ACM SIGGRAPH
  • Current member of ASIFA
  • 12 year member of The Animation Guild, Local 839 (Honorably Withdrawn, '15)
  • Current member of the Visual Effects Society
  • Contributor to LinkedIn Pulse
Cogswell College, 1999
BA Computer and Video Imaging
  • Dean's List, multiple years