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year: nov, 2006
role: technical director, lighting
duties: Sole support for teams of artists and their supervisor for my lighting team in pipeline, software, and render issues during the creation of an animated feature film. Authored scripts, defined artist workflows, identified and repaired technical problems.
direct manager: mark mcguire (supervising technical director)
notes: flushed away was the first film that found me directly and soley supporting a lighting team. with the myriad of proprietary software and render engine at dreamworks, the learning curve for this department was and remains steep. fortunately i was close friends with my lighting supervisor who walked me through some challenges and helped me grow into a bonefide lighting technical director.

i worked most notably on the opening sequence with Roddy relaxing at home and playing golf with peas. i debugged ambient occlusion problems, and improved efficiencies of renders. my surfacing knowledge came in very handy while debugging assets that used way too much memory during renders due to inefficient shader networks.