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year: mar, 2010
role: lead technical director
duties: Assisted Supervising TD in overseeing the back-end (Surfacing, Lighting, FX, Crowds, Matte Painting) while performing duties of a TD in one or more depts. Interviewed, trained, mentored, provided council for TD team.
direct manager: greg brentin (supervising technical director)
notes: i started How to Train Your Dragon when it was still in its infancy. i assisted in getting the pipeline set up, particularly for lighting. i wrote some new tools to assist lighting in their efforts, mainly a system known as library-level asset overrides which allowed lighting to change parameters on an asset already finaled upstream which would carry into all shots and sequences throughout the film. as more tds came onto the show, i had the opportunity to helm the meetings between the back-end tds, making sure that meetings were efficient and productive, and that all back-end tds had the tools and knowledge that they needed to accomplish their tasks.

it was during this process that i truly fell in love with the management aspects of my position and when the opportunity to move into a department supervisor role came along, i turned my duties over to a capable peer and departed the show with it only partially completed.