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year: nov, 2007
role: technical director, front end
duties: Oversaw the operations of the Front-End TDs (Layout, Animation, Surfacing, Crowds, CFX) to make sure that TDs had what they needed to be effective, and that TD work was being done in a timely and thorough manner. Sole support for teams of artists and their supervisors in pipeline, software, and render issues in the creation of an animated feature film. Authored scripts, defined artist workflows, identified and repaired technical problems.
direct manager: roberto calvo (supervising technical director)
notes: bee movie was a film that was plagued with the pains of 'the creative process' which manifested in scores of shots and whole sequences going out of picture, whole assets being scrapped, and replacements being rushed through the pipeline. i came on to assist the supervising technical director wade through these challenges. he assigned me to look over the front end departments to make sure that the technical directors of layout, animation, surfacing, and crowds had what they needed to get their job done. i trained several new-hires in these areas and mentored them as they grew into technical directors (some of whom now occupy the role of supervising and lead technical directors).

i faced many challenges in this arena including underperformance by one of our team, incomplete and often broken generic catalog which affected all downstream departments, character pre and post scaling issues due to the varied sizes of our two main characters (a human and a bee). these challenges were all addressed and resolved to the satisfaction of the studio. as production in the front end departments wrapped up, i became part of the back end seeing crowds through lighting, submitting footage to editorial for screenings, and sitting in on final film-out sessions for our reels. though officially hired for the front end, this experience exposed me to enough of the pipeline of the back-end that i was drafted into lighting for my next film.